About us

Passion in Health. Since 1988.

Meditrade UK is a member of Meditrade Group located in Central London. The company allows us to ensure the supply of our products to the increasing number of our UK and Ireland clientele. At Meditrade UK we have developed a logistic concept that offers a flexible and consistent supply of our products in the UK and Ireland. Having a warehouse in Lincolnshire allows us to promptly assist our customer’s requests at all times.

Meditrade GmbH was founded in 1988 under the maxim “Passion in Health”. It was first known as a manufacturer of medical disposable gloves, caps and masks. Meditrade has now become one of the leading manufacturers of medical equipment in Europe. We are a global company with the values of a family-run business. We are a powerful system partner and service provider for full coverage in healthcare. To ensure the outstanding quality of our products, we manufacture our products in our factories all over the world. At Meditrade Group we build on our expert knowledge and are constantly developing innovative products to offer the utmost professional solution with maximum cost efficiency. In the continuously changing healthcare market, we understand the importance of constant improvement and innovation. Therefore, we always thrive for improvement and develop new innovative products at our factories to offer the utmost professional solution.

Customer proximity is vital to us. Meditrade Group supplies clientele of all interest groups acting on European health care market.  To meet the increasing requirements in our function as a system partner, we can benefit from coordinating all process sequences with our logistical centres – Southern and Northern Germany (Kiefersfelden and Neuenkirchen). Moreover, we always adapt modern logistical procedures to our customers’ requests at any time.