Our hand disinfection in handy gel version

Product type

Alcoman® Gel is a ready-to-use gel based alcoholic rub-in preparation for hygienic hand disinfection. The application is carried out without the addition of water. Ideal for travelling.

Preparation properties

  • acts quickly and thoroughly in 30 sec.
    – thoroughly effective against bacteria and yeast fungi
    – limited virucidal against all enveloped viruses: BVDV / vaccinia (incl. HCV / HBV / HIV)
    and noro viruses (MNV)
  • evaluated according to the standard methods of DGHM and DIN EN 1500 as well as the RKI recommendations on effectiveness against viruses
  • without colourings
  • very good skin compatibility even with frequent use
  • VAH listed


For all areas with increased demands on hand hygiene: Clinics, medical practices, ambulances, care facilities, industrial, commercial and laboratory areas, leisure and bathing facilities. Ideal for mobile activities.

Type and duration of application

Ready to use. For hygienic hand disinfection according to DIN EN 1500 min. 3 ml for 30 seconds thoroughly rub in undiluted and without adding water. Avoid weak spots.


The contents of 100 ml are: 70 ml of 2-propanol;

Other ingredients: Gel former, moisturiser, perfume

Shelf life

Alcoman®Gel can be used up to 12 months after the first opening of the original container. The products must only be stored in the original sealed container, contamination must be avoided while removing product, and the products must be kept and stored in accordance with standard storage conditions (protected from damp, direct sunlight, heat and frost) between 5 – 25 ° C.

Regulatory requirements

Biocide of Product type 1 (“Biocidal products for human hygiene”).
Use disinfectant with care. Always read the label and product information before use.

Order information


Box contents

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150 ml

24 bottles



500 ml

18 bottles