MEDIZID® Rapid QF Flowpack

Our ready-to-use, alcohol based hygienic wipes for disinfecting and cleaning medical device surfaces and medical device items

Product type

Medizid® Rapid QF Disinfectant Wipes (Flowpack) are saturated with the very fast acting liquid of the alcohol based preparation Medizid® Rapid.
The hygienic wipes are therefore very well suited for the disinfection and cleaning of medical devices such as device surfaces and objects in the medical field and in the patient friendly environment between treatments and interventions.


For all alcohol resistant medical devices, surfaces and objects, in particular for device surfaces and objects near the patient in clinics, practices, ambulances and care areas.

Application and dosage

Medizid® Rapid QF disinfectant wipes (Flowpack) are ready to use. The surfaces and objects to be disinfected are to be carefully wiped off with the Medizid® Rapid wipe and completely wetted. Exposure time: 60 seconds according to EN 16615 (4 field test).


In Medizid Rapid QF in 100 g, the active ingredient is: 50 g ethanol.

Shelf life

The minimum shelf life of Medizid® Rapid disinfectant wipes is 3 years (see label). To prevent the premature drying out of the wipes, reseal the packaging immediately after use. Shelf life / expiry after opening: 28 days. The products must only be stored in the original sealed container, contamination must be avoided while removing product, and the products must be kept and stored in accordance with standard storage conditions (protected from damp, direct sunlight, heat and frost) at a temperature of between 5 – 25° C.

Product properties

  • effectiveness of the impregnation solution Medizid ® Rapid
  • ready to use
  • aldehyde-free
  • very fast and comprehensively effective in 15 sec.
    – bactericidal, yeasticidal, tuberculocidal effect (including M. terrae), mycobactericidal, virus-inactivating (including HBV / HIV)
    – effective against enveloped viruses: BVDV (HCV) and vaccinia according to the current recommendation of the RKI
    – MRSA effective and tested (1 min)
  • residue-free
  • pleasant smell
  • good material compatibility
  • virucide effective according to 14476 (Polio / Adeno)
  • noro viruses and SV40 tested

Please note

Be careful with all alcohol sensitive materials!

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approx. 22 x 20 cm

80 pcs

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