GENTLE MED® Skin cleansing and care foam

Gentle cleaning and skin protection


Fast and gentle cleansing as well as skin care are of main importance for patients with incontinence, anus praeter and those that are bedridden. The skin cleansing care foam contains moisturising and odour binding substances. The fine pored foam offers a very good odour coverage, an excellent cleaning without irritation and leaves a fresh and nourished skin feeling.
Paraben-free PEG-free. Free of silicone and paraffin oil. Without allergenic fragrances. Not tested on animals.


Gentle, thorough, odour binding cleansing, especially for incontinence. For foaming, hold the can (valve) diagonally down to ensure the residue is emptied. Allow to act for a short time and absorb with disposable cloths. A nourishing and deodorising protective film remains. Shake the can vigorously before use.

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