Our fully effective, aldehyde and phenol-free instrument disinfectant for manual reprocessing in the insertion process and in the ultrasonic cleaning device

Product type

Instrusol® AF + is suitable for the treatment of all thermostable and thermolabile instruments such as anaesthetic accessories and rigid endoscopes. An innovative formulation ensures fast, comprehensive and material saving instrument reprocessing with low application concentrations.


For all applications in which medical instruments are prepared in the insertion process and in the ultrasonic cleaning device.

Application notes

The instructions for use and reprocessing guidelines of the instrument manufacturers must be observed; in particular the instructions for the preparatory measures, for cleaning and disinfection, rinsing, drying and storage.

Preparation properties

  • aldehyde and phenol-free
  • comprehensively effective
    – bactericidal, yeasticidal, tuberculocidal effect (including M. terrae)
    – virucide effective against all enveloped viruses: BVDV / Vaccinia (incl. HCV / HBV / HIV)
    – virucide effective against the non-enveloped viruses: rota, adeno, polyoma / SV40, noro
  • economic
  • good material compatibility
  • pleasant odour, no emissions to be monitored (workplace values)
  • good biological degradability
  • tested according to the standard methods of the DGHM and the RKI recommendations
  • VAH listed
  • IHO listed


100g contains:
5 g of alkyldimethylethyl ammonium ethylsulfate
1 g Polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride
1.8 g Coco propylene guanidinium diacetate
Further components: Surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, and suspending agents adjuvants and pH regulators.

Processing instructions

Insertion process

Insert instruments immediately after use. All surfaces and cavities must be covered or filled. Please observe the application concentrations and exposure times. Remove instruments, rinse thoroughly with water and dry.

Ultrasonic bath

The prescribed frequency range and the specified duration of disinfection must be observed. Water temperatures above 45° C should be avoided.

Preparation change

Instrusol® AF + is not compatible with aldehyde containing disinfectants. During the first use and change of the preparation, the instruments and the accessories, the tubs and preparation devices as well as the application aids must be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed.

Instrusol® AF + use solution is protein resistant and can be used several times if necessary. The working solution can be used for up to 7 days when inserting well pre-cleaned instruments. In the event of cloudiness or visible contamination, it is recommended to replace the working solution sooner.

Stability / water quality

In the production of working solutions, drinking water quality should be used. For very hard water we recommend distilled water. For the last rinse before steam sterilisation we recommend demineralised water or distilled water. For semi-critical medical devices that are not sterilised, germ-free, preferably sterile, water should be used for final rinsing.

Instrument cleaning

When adding cleaners, the working solution should be renewed daily.

Shelf life

Instrusol® AF + can be used for at least 12 months after opening the original container for the first time. The minimum shelf life is 3 years (see label printing). The products must only be stored in the original sealed container, contamination must be avoided while removing product, and the products must be kept and stored in accordance with standard storage conditions (protected from damp, direct sunlight, heat and frost) at a temperature of between 5 – 25°C.


As a working solution Instrusol® AF + is not a dangerous preparation according to the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances. The working solution is not corrosive. However, we recommend that you follow the usual safety precautions when handling chemicals and wear the usual protective clothing.

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