MEDIZID® Rapid QF Flowpack

Alcohol-based hygiene wipes for disinfection medical device surfaces and objects

Product type

Medizid ® Rapid QF disinection wipes (flowpack) are impregnated with the fast-acting liquid of the alcoholic preparation Medizid Rapid. The hygie wipes are therefore well suited for disinfecting medical devices such as device surfaces and objects in the medical field and in the patient-related environment between treatments and operations.


Suitable for the rapid disinfection of all alcohol-resistant surfaces and medical products in the patient environment, in clinics, practices, ambulances and care areas as well as in food areas, in industry and in public facilities. If necessary, check material resistance in inconspicuous areas. Not suitable for the final disinfection of semi-critical and invasive medical devices.

Application notes

The instructions for use and reprocessing guidelines of the instrument manufacturers must be observed; in particular the instructions for the preparatory measures, for cleaning and disinfection, rinsing, drying and storage.

Preparation properties

  • pre-soaked, ready to use disinfectant wipes
  • aldehyde, alcohol free, bactericidal, yeasticidal, tuberculocidal effect (including M. terrae)
  • virucide effective against all enveloped viruses
    – virucide effective against the non-enveloped viruses: rota, adeno, polyoma / SV40, noro
  • made from 100% biodegrable cellulose material


100 g contain:

2-phenoxyethanol 0.10 g

Alkyl (C12-16) dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride 0.35 g

N- (3-aminopropyl) -N-dodecylpropane-1,3-diamine 0.25 g

Shelf life

Close tightly after use. Use only damp cloths. Shelf life for 28 days after opening.

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Cloth size

Box contents

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Ca. 22×20 cm

80 pieces

12 boxes