Our universal, aldehyde-free surface disinfectant concentrate

Product properties and application notes

Liquid surface wipe disinfectant concentrate for the disinfection and cleaning of noninvasive medical devices and medical inventory as well as all wipe-resistant (upper) surfaces of medical devices. Ideal for areas with high levels of dirt and odour.

Application notes

Medizid® AF+ is a concentrate! Pay attention to application concentrations and exposure time. Completely wet surfaces. Use dosing aids. Note dosing instructions. After contact with food contact surfaces, clean product residues with clean water after exposure time. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Biocide of product types PT 2 and PT 4. Biocidal reg no.: N-71965. Limit the use of biocides to a minimum.

Application example

10 l of a 1% solution = 100 ml of disinfectant concentrate + 9.9 l of water.
The required amount of water is obtained by subtracting from the amount of ready-to-use solution the proportion of the disinfectant concentrate used.


100g contains:
5 g didecyldimethylammonium chloride.

Further components: Non-ionic surfactants, synergistic additives, auxiliaries, complexing agents, fragrances.

Shelf life

Medizid® AF+ can be used for up to 12 months after opening the original container for the first time. The minimum shelf life is 3 years (see label printing). The products must only be stored in the original sealed container, contamination must be avoided while removing product, and the products must be kept and stored in accordance with standard storage conditions (protected from damp, direct sunlight, heat and frost) at a temperature of between 5 – 25°C.

Preparation notes

  • bactericidal, yeasticidal, tuberculocidal effects (incl. M.-terrae)
    – limited virucidal against all enveloped viruses: BVDV / Vaccinia (incl. HBV / HIV)
    – virucide effective against the nonenveloped viruses: Adeno, polyoma / SV40 and noro viruses (FCV)
    – effective against MRSA
  • excellent cleaning properties
  • no exposures to be monitored
  • very good material compatibility
  • tested according to the standard methods of the DGHM and the RKI
    recommendations on effectiveness against viruses
  • VAH listed
  • IHO listed

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