Our first antimicrobial examination glove

Active protection against a variety of hospital infections

Efficacy of up to 99.999% on selected microorganisms

Skin compatibility confirmed by numerous tests

The challenges of infection prevention today

Each year millions of patients worldwide suffer from nosocomial infections. These infections do not only cause unnecessary suffering for patients and relatives, but also high costs, which put additional pressure on the healthcare system: Hospitalisation is extended, the risks of postoperative complications and antibiotic resistance increase.
In the worst case, treatment-associated infections lead to deaths that could have been prevented by adhering to appropriate hygiene measures. Therefore, all actors in the healthcare system are required to respond to these challenges on a daily basis by means of appropriate measures.

Antibacterial gloves –
An active approach to control treatment-associated infections

In addition to many other measures, such as adherence to hand hygiene according to the 5 moments of the WHO to prevent such infections, the antimicrobial examination gloves from Meditrade with the innovative AMG technology represent a further step in the direction of infection protection for users and patients.
The Nitril LIOX® antimicrobial glove kills up to 99.999% of selected microorganisms and provides active protection against a wide range of treatment-associated infections. Skin compatibility has been confirmed by tests.

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Mode of action:

The Nitril LIOX® antimicrobial examination glove provides active protection for users in various healthcare facilities by rapidly killing microorganisms on the outside of the glove upon contact.

  • An active dye incorporated into the glove material on the outside converts conventional oxygen into so-called singlet-oxygen 1O2 as soon as the glove material comes into contact with light and oxygen.
  • The singlet-oxygen attacks the cell membrane of grampositive bacteria (among others MRSA, VRE, etc.), which leads to the death of the microorganisms affected.
  • The efficacy is up to 99.999% of the affected microorganisms (germs, bacteria).


  • The skin compatibility of the glove material has been confirmed
    by numerous tests: Biocompatibility has been tested and it has been confirmed that the gloves are non-sensitising, non-irritating, non-toxic (oral) and non-cytotoxic.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): In addition to its suitability as a medical examination glove, the Nitril LIOX® with AMG technology is certified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Category III / Type C.


  • In addition to the passive barrier of an examination glove between the user and the patient, the Nitril LIOX® also offers an active protective function for both.
  • Singlet-oxygen is a non-selective system that can rapidly act against many microbial components. Unlike antibiotics, there is no protective mechanism in the bacteria that can protect them from singlet-oxygen.
  • Since singlet-oxygen is not used up, the mode of action is provided at all times. On the other hand, it is volatile and therefore no permanent biocides are released.

Bactericidal effect of Nitril LIOX® with AMG technology*