BeeSana® SMS gown 40g

Maximum Protection

Protective gown for extra protection against liquids and particles


Protective gown made of 3 ply, soft SMS composite material. The combined layers guarantee a high barrier against liquids, germs and light chemical splashes. The gown is also opaque, lint-free, tear resistant and breathable at the same time for optimum comfort. Neck and waist fastening bands as well as jersey cuffs as sleeve ends, non-sterile, for single use.

The BeeSana® SMS gown 40 g was successfully tested for its resistance to germ penetration in moist conditions (based on DIN EN ISO 22610) and in dry conditions (based on DIN EN ISO 22612) and on its virus impermea- bility (according to DIN EN 14126) and is thus perfectly suitable for handling MRSA or noroviruses.


Suitable for highly infectious sit- uations. To protect against germs in emergency and iso- lation wards as well as in the care of the elderly and in the hospital for personnel, patients and visitors.

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115 x 150 cm


10 pcs

5 boxes